Agricultural Engineering

Project: Pilot project for peri-urban agroecological innovation in the orchard of Murcia

Location: Murcia, Spain

Scope: Several crops

Customer: Public Organization

The orchard of Murcia, included in the metropolitan area of Murcia, is being transformed and degraded at an accelerated pace, as it happens in most of the peri-urban agricultural areas of the world. And in this context, arises, driven by the City Council of Murcia, the Tejiendo Redes Project, which aims to create alternatives to keep the orchard of Murcia fertile, productive and sustainable from the socio-economic, socio-cultural and environmental point of view to regain control of food security and independence in the environment of this area.


To implement a pilot initiative of

innovation in all processes involved in agriculture, trade and distribution of local agricultural products, as well as in the processes of promoting their consumption, encouraging the shift from conventional and linear agriculture to a circular economy agroecology that involves all sectors of the agri-food system (including local authorities, technical and academic bodies, civil society, small producers and the private sector) in the environment of the orchard of Murcia.

  • Promote governance and citizen participation in the agricultural sector in the orchard of Murcia.
  • Promote agroecological production in the parcels assigned to the project.
  • Generate distribution and consumption channels for production in the project parcels.
  • Promote the minimization of resource use and waste generation in the project parcels.