Agricultural Engineering

Project: Collection, conduction and use of river surface water for agricultural irrigation

Location: Murcia, Spain

Scope: Several crops

Customer: CCRR

The lack of rains in the Segura basin has meant that the current demand for irrigation water is not guaranteed. The contributions of the Tajo-Segura water transfer have been drastically reduced in recent years, being insufficient for the irrigation of the crops that are supplied from it. In order to meet the existing irrigation demands, the CC.RR. requested the granting to take surface water from the Argos River from the Calasparra WWTP (Murcia).

The project consists of the execution of the necessary works for the collection, conduction and use of surface water from the Argos River, for the provision of agricultural irrigation of the CC.RR. Tajo-Segura Transfer Calasparra-Cieza Region (Murcia).