Agricultural Engineering

At La Compañía we carry out projects and comprehensive sustainable solutions for agriculture. We guide our customers throughout the entire process, from the first steps of the project until it is implemented, and goes through all the necessary phases until its proper performance.

We provide you the technology to make your project as productive, efficient and simple as possible. We work in several areas within agriculture: water resources, agricultural mechanization and rural constructions.

Our agricultural engineering services are:

  • Irrigation management and advice: efficient irrigation.
  • Irrigation modernization.
  • Comprehensive management of irrigation ponds.
  • Comprehensive water cycle.
  • Agricultural infrastructure.
  • Land planning and management.
  • Agricultural and agri-food development.
  • Development of projects with BIM technology.

GIS and modeling applied to agriculture

Thanks to GIS and other tools we are able to perform customized agricultural engineering projects, allowing quality studies and analysis such as drainage, flood and hydrogeological analysis, among others.